Certified Bendix King Radio Repair Center

The Certified Repair Center at 49er Communications will repair your two-way radio by way of our expedited process known as our PDQ Repair and QA Inspection Program, in which all radios receive the TLC treatment.
The TLC Treatment
Visual inspection and cleaning of the:

  • Internal circuit boards
  • Solders
  • Components
  • Parts & Pieces of the radio

   Complete thorough bench testing:

  • Tuning and aligning the unit back to factory specifications.

   Detailed inspection and cleaning of the unit exterior.
Quality Assurance testing prior to return shipment.

   Repair turnaround time is approximately 10 business days.

Now You Can…

Go Stealth, Stinger, BadAss or Watermelon

Now you can give your radio a makeover with our new PIMP-IT-OUT cosmetic treatment. You can go Stealth in all Black, Yellow & Black with The Stinger,BadAss in Black & Green, or Yellow & Green with the Watermelon makeover!