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Bendix King Troubleshooting

Bendix King Radio Troubleshooting Guide

Get immediate help diagnosiing your Bendix King radio, charger, or battery.

Step by step diagnose the problem by the numbers

  1. Is your Bendix King battery fully charged? Please make sure you try to charge your bendix king battery fully before trouble shooting.
  2. Is the Bendix King charger plugged in properly? Make sure it is securely connected both at the wall (or in the case of vehicle charger the 12V power supply) and the back of the charger.
  3. Is the placement of the battery correct in the BK Radio charger? make sure all of the battery terminals are touching the charging terminals. Does the light on the charger light up when the battery is put in the charger? If the light on your Bendix King charger does not come on, check to make sure the above points are correct and if still no light the problem may be your Bendix King charger is not functioning.
  4. Did the BK Radio battery get an initial charge of at least 12 hours? It is important to fully charge a brand new Bendix King battery or it will not cycle through charges properly.
  5. Does the light on your BK Radio charger continue to blink after five minutes on the charger? This means the BK Radio battery will not take a charge and needs to be replaced.
  6. Does the charger indicator light turn green very quickly on a known dead battery? If the charger light turns green within the first ten minutes of charging then the BK Radio battery is not taking a charge and needs to be replaced.
  7. Is the Radio turned off while in the charger? The radio needs to be turned off while charging so the battery can properly charge. Charging with the radio turned on will ruin the battery and void the warranty.
  8. Does the radio beep continuously on a properly programmed channel? Try changing batteries to one that you know is working properly, if the radio continues to beep then the problem is most likely in the Bendix King radio and the radio needs to go in for repair at a certified Bendix King Repair Center.
  9. Is the battery over a year old? Degradation of BK Radio batteries begins at about a year with proper charging through its life. Change to a newer Bebndix King battery to see if there is an improvement in the function of the radio.
  10. Transmit and receive problems: Determine which radio is having the problem using more than two radios if possible, take one radio at a time and transmit, if you can hear it through the other two move on to the next radio and repeat until you find the radio that is not transmitting or receiving.

If your radio needs to go in to our factory authorized Bendix King repair shop, you can feel confident that we will provide you with fast reliable service. Our goal is to deliver your radios back to you in tip top operational order, just as you received it when it was new.

Still have a problem with your BK Radio?

If you were not able to resolve your problem using our step by step troubleshooting guide please follow the instructions on the BK Radio Repair page to send your radio to our Certified Bendix King Repair Center.

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Bendix King Repair Service

The Certified Repair Center at will repair your two-way radio by way of our expedited process known as our Pretty Darn Quick (PDQ) Repair and QA Inspection Program, in which all radios receive the TLC treatment. We repair Bendix King DPH5102X, DPH5102X-CMD, GPH5102X-CMD, KNG-P150S, KNG-P15-CMD and many other Bendix King radios. If you need your Bendix King radio repaired fast our PDQ expedited repair option can get your radio repaired in just TWO days!